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House in Ireland (Co. Donegal), where the Community started with its name Atlantis

Introduction to the Atlantis Community

Uebersetzung ins DEUTSCHE

Jenny James founded Atlantis in 1974. She had spent many years in the Communist Youthmovement and then in the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament and then because of her own unhappiness began therapy with David Boadella, who had been a pupil of Wilhelm Reich.
She realized that radical social change couldn't take place without deep emotional healing and got involved with the People Not Psychiatry (PNP) Movement and for several years ran a free, drop in therapy house in London. As the therapy movement became more fashionable and less radical, Jenny, forever ready to move out onto the next limb, moved to the Lake District and then to Burtonport, a tiny fishing village on the Northwest coast of Donegal. She bought a big old hotel there by offering therapy, asking those who could afford to pay to do so and giving it free to all the rest. Then, seeking to break all ties with the pollution of modern "civilisation" she moved the commune to nearby Inishfree Island. There the commune learned the arts of self sufficiency, and most of the young people who live now in Colombia were born there, by turf fires in the old fishermens cottages. We also learned what happens when a small group of people renounce all mod cons and create a simple lovely lifestyle not by buying and consuming but by creatively facing the awful barrenness and underlying rage that is at the core of every being brought up in a society like ours where abundance at home is based on death and destruction elsewhere.
In 1980, the group began to plan an adventurous move to the wilds of South America and bought a big old sailing boat. The sailing boat is still in Baltimore, Co. Cork where it serves as the Green Office of our European Dept, (2 adults and 2 kids) but the main part of the commune (about 5 adults and 10 young people) has been in Colombia since 1988, sharing and learning from and suffering the huge violent social changes happening here.
On the 9th of July 2000 we lost two beautiful 18 year old boys, Tristan and Javier, to the madness of this war, and two lovely farms.

If you are wondering why we stay the short answer is in the deep humanity, openness and heroism one meets on all sides amongst the awful barbarities of war. And the longer, more complete answer is in the Green Letters from Colombia, which Jenny has been writing about every 6 weeks since December 1994.

Louise and Tristan in Caqueta (Colombia)
Please, read article about Tristan's death in the Info (Link)!